Senior Scholar Panel

Using Opportunities to Shape Research (The Case of Gen AI): The College of Senior Scholars Panel

In this panel, eight Senior Scholars who are presently studying Generative AI will explain their specific research topic, questions and positions and then share with the audience their observations about the opportunities (or constraints) that shaped the way in which their research career has arrived at the study of GAI. Each speaker will make some recommendations about how best to leverage the various opportunities that shape all our research trajectories. GAI raises research issues in many domains of interest to IS researchers, whether they study individuals, systems, groups, organizations, ecosystems, or societies. What opportunities might lead you to study GAI?

Wednesday, December 13

11:00 – 12:30 (IST)


Cynthia Beath
University of Texas at Austin


Tilo Böhmann
University of Hamburg

Atreyi Kankanhalli
National University of Singapore

Matti Rossi
Aalto University

Frantz Rowe
University of Nantes

Daniel Schlagwein
University of Sydney

Ramesh Sharda
Oklahoma State University

Doug Vogel
Harbin Institute of Technology

Sunil Wattal
Temple University