Mid-Career Faculty Workshop

Navigating Tensions & Planning the Roads Ahead

Mid-Career Workshop Co-Chairs

Alok Gupta

University of Minnesota, USA

Julia Kotlarsky

The University of Auckland, New Zealand

Maung Sein

Kristiana University College and the University of Southeastern Norway


During the first years in an academic career, the pressure of  earning tenure and/or promotion from the entry position to Associate Professor or Senior Lecturer (depending on the system your university is using) is likely to drive your efforts to publish, develop confidence in teaching and establish a presence in the IS field. Once tenure/promotion is obtained it is worthwhile to step back and realise the need for reflection and re-think your interests, priorities and to evaluate options. While by this time, you would likely have published some significant and impactful research, met or at least progressed well toward the goals and aspirations that motivated you as you  started out in the academic profession. At the same time,  like all things, academics  change, as do your interests and circumstances. Some  may still delight in the pursuit of new knowledge and the dissemination of their research. Others  may have found enjoyment in serving others through leadership and administrative duties. While for others still, the pedagogy may be their true calling.

Therefore, growing out of being an Early Career academic  and entering the next stage – a Mid-Career academic  is an important milestone that can benefit from taking some time for reflection and thinking about the chosen path ahead. In this workshop, we will leverage the insights and experiences of a panel of academics, all of whom have successfully navigated the mid-career journey, while  also hope to share and brainstorm ideas among participants to co-create effective mid-career strategies.

Sunday, December 10

09:00 – 12:00 (IST)
(UTC +5:30)


The Mid-Career Workshop is an opportunity for IS scholars to reflect on their existing work and strategically plan for the next phase of their careers. Generally, while every researcher who is in the mid-career stage is welcome to participate in this workshop, we believe that it would be most beneficial for those who are around 7 years after their PhD (i.e. just completed their “early career” stage). Academics who are more advanced in their career but considering a shift in their work (e.g., towards more leadership/entrepreneurial path) or in moving abroad to other geographical areas are welcome to attend  as well. Those who  have attended other mid-career workshops are welcome to participate, share, and learn from other colleagues.  The objective of the workshop is not only to learn about effective mid-career strategies but also to foster new support networks of peers that will help to continually offer peer advice and support even after the ICIS Mid-Career Workshop.


The Mid-Career Faculty Workshop at ICIS 2023 will be an interactive event. We will discuss the challenges and opportunities of becoming a mid-career researcher across countries and contexts and discuss strategies for the development and cultivation of networks that can help in facing the challenges. The workshop will feature round-table group discussions and a panel to help create, reflect on, and promote individual career plans.


Antonio Díaz Andrade

University of Agder, Norway

Atreyi Kankanhalli

National University of Singapore, Singapore

Ilias Pappas

Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway

Monideepa Tarafdar

University of Massachusetts Amherst, USA

Samir Chatterjee

Claremont Graduate University, USA