Revision Instructions

All authors of conditionally accepted submissions must prepare and submit the revised version of their contribution according to the guidelines below.

Quick Links

  1. Find paper revision submission template here.
  2. Access ICIS 2023 submission system at PCS to upload revised paper and check the status of your paper.

Revision Requirements


All authors have already signed the AIS Author Agreement. As a reminder, papers accepted to ICIS 2023 must be original; papers cannot have been published or accepted in a journal or conference proceedings. Further, papers must not be currently under consideration for publication or presentation elsewhere at the moment of submission of the revised (final) manuscript.

Proceedings Templates

Because papers are published in the digital ICIS Proceedings, all submissions must use the revision template, which is different than the initial submission template. Files submitted in other word processing formats or that do not use these templates will not be accepted for publication in the ICIS Proceedings.

Revision Formatting Requirements

Authors enter the submission title, abstract, keywords, and author information in the menus prompted by ICIS 2023 submission system at PCS. The paper (including title, author information, abstract, keywords, text, figures, tables, references, and acknowledgements, if any) should be submitted as a single file in Adobe PDF format and must use the paper revision template.

Any submission that deviates from the formatting requirements will be rejected without review of the revision.

Length Requirements

Length Requirements

For all types of papers, the maximum number of pages detailed below must include:

  • Title
  • Authors
  • Abstract
  • Keywords
  • Paper’s body
  • Any figures and tables
  • References
  • Acknowledgements
  • Appendices

Preparation Guidelines

  • Figures: All figures and illustrations must be inserted into your main document file as either JPG or GIF format (other formats or embedded graphic objects may not convert to PDF correctly). For more instructions regarding figures, please see the Paper Revision Template for your initial submission.
  • Convert All Fields and Links to Plain Text: Be sure that all field codes and link codes, such as figure number cross-reference codes and citation management codes (e.g., EndNote), are converted to plain text in the document before uploading your paper.
  • Author Identification: Authors should now include their names, institutions, sponsors, references to unpublished work, and acknowledgments in the revised papers.
  • Teaching Case Submissions: Only the teaching case will be published, not the teaching note. PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT THE TEACHING NOTE IN YOUR REVISION. However, please DO indicate in the teaching case, instructions for obtaining the teaching note (e.g., through emailing a contact author).
  • References Formatted in Georgia Type: PLEASE do not forget to format the references using the built-in “style” named “References” – when using a reference manager such as EndNote, it is quite common that references are formatted in Times New Roman, with far too much indentation of “hanging” text. Please see the two examples below to appreciate the difference: the first image is an example of correct formatting, whereas the second image is an example of incorrect reference formatting.
  • Correct Reference Formatting
  • Incorrect Reference Formattingdifferent font, too much indentation
  • Completed Research Papers
  • Short Papers
  • Teaching Cases
  • Panels
  • PDW
  • 17
  • 9
  • 15
  • 9
  • 6

Important Dates

  • Authors Revisions Due Date: Authors must have their final revised submissions submitted in the proper format to ICIS 2023 submission system at PCS by September 5, 2023 at 11:59PM EDT (New York time).
  • All author names and affiliations must be included in the metadata during the revision process. If author information is missing, it will not appear within the program. Please make sure that the presenting author is identified.
  • Author Notification of Accepted Revisions Date: Authors will be notified by September 29, 2023, regarding if their revision is accepted or not.
  • Due to time constraints, we will not be able to invite a second round of revisions, so it is vital that authors address all the required content changes identified by track chairs, AEs, and/or reviewers (following the guidance provided by the AE and track chairs) in their first revision, and that the authors comply fully with the formatting guidelines.
  • Author Registration Due Date: At least one author of every accepted submission and all members of every accepted panel must register for the conference by the end of early-bird registration.

Author Agreement

  • Scholarly Integrity: Scholarly integrity is a core value in our discipline. Scholars submitting papers to this conference thereby attest that they have read the AIS Code of Research Conduct and the work submitted is in accordance with the Code in all appropriate respects. Editors of AIS conference proceedings who receive allegations of plagiarism or other scholarly misconduct may inform the AIS President who may refer the matter, at their discretion, to the AIS Research Conduct Committee.
  • Original Material: The author(s) verify that this paper (or substantial portions of it) is not under review, accepted, or published elsewhere. They further verify that they have read and followed the ICIS 2023 Submission Guidelines.
  • Presentation at the Conference: At least one author of every accepted submission must register and attend ICIS 2023. Authors should be prepared to present their papers at any time during the conference (Monday, December 10 to Wednesday, December 13, 2023). . Failure to comply with this requirement will result in the removal of papers from the ICIS 2023 Proceedings.
  • Distribution: Submission of a paper to the conference represents the author’s agreement to allow AIS to publish the paper in any written or electronic format for distribution to all interested parties in perpetuity with or without compensation to AIS and without compensation to the author. The parties understand that the author is granting a non-exclusive license and all copyrights remain the property of the author.
  • Copyright Note: For all papers accepted into ICIS 2023, authors of accepted papers will retain copyright. However, by submitting a paper, authors do agree that AIS can publish and reproduce any accepted papers in the ICIS 2023 Proceedings in the format of AIS’ choosing (CDs, e-Library and printed proceedings) under an established ISBN number for ICIS 2023.

How to Submit Revisions

  • Submission system: All submissions are to be made via the ICIS 2023 submission system at PCS.
  • Submission process: To submit your revised manuscript, log into the ICIS 2023 submission system at PCS. Find your submission under “Existing Submissions”. You will see a link to “Edit Final Version”. This action will take you through a process, similar to your original submission process. After you have submitted your final version, you can verify it by clicking the “See Final Version” link in the “Existing Submissions” table.
  • For the revision, you had been requested to submit three documents in PDF:
    1. The revised manuscript (camera ready), which conforms to the formatting guidelines and requirements for ICIS proceedings as described here and the Paper Revision Template. This should not have the changes marked or tracked;
    2. A point-by-point response document to the comments by the Track Chairs (if any), the Associate Editor, and the reviewers, describing how you have addressed the review team’s comments. In order to expedite the processing of the revised manuscript, be as specific as possible in your responses to your review team. For changes you have not incorporated as requested by the Associate Editor or the Reviewers, please provide a clear and compelling rationale in the response document.
    3. The revised manuscript (indicating changes), either (a) with track changes showing the changes from the previous submitted version, or (b) highlighting the changes made.
  • You will also see the author agreement information. It is required that you click the box indicating that you have read and agree to these items. All final versions must be in PDF format and the revised content and format will both be checked.
  • Number and Order of Authors: During the submission of your revised manuscript, you will have a last chance to verify the spelling and the order of the author names that you had entered earlier in the ICIS 2023 submission system at PCS. These names and affiliations will be used to create cover pages in the Proceedings. Please note that these are separate from the Word document you submit. So, please make sure you have double-checked the author information and other manuscript metadata BEFORE finally submitting your revision. Please note that the author list should remain the same as the original submission. You are not allowed to add or remove authors at this stage.
  • Correct Metadata: The metadata you enter directly into the ICIS 2023 submission system at PCS will be used to create the paper and online versions of the conference program; therefore, any information you enter will be reproduced EXACTLY in those documents. In addition to ensuring the proper author order, please make sure that all names are spelled properly and that you do NOT use all capital letters or all lowercase letters for your names, university affiliations or your paper titles in the metadata fields. Also, please also do not abbreviate your institution’s name. This will help ensure that all of your data will show up properly in the Itinerary Planner and the printed conference program. Please note that once a manuscript has been submitted to the online submission system, it CANNOT be altered, amended, changed, corrected, edited, or revised. Once a revision has been submitted, it is final. One can, however, upload a manuscript on to the submission site and then wait to actually submit it. Manuscripts can be altered and re-uploaded until they are submitted. To be presented at ICIS 2023 manuscripts must be submitted by the deadline September 5, 2023.